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I can hardly believe this as now my second book is complete. Being a shy farm boy from western Canada, I never thought in a million years my confidence would grow large enough to share my thoughts on paper. The truth is life is hard and complicated and as clichés, as it sounds all good things take work. This pattern has been around for as long as humans have been here on this planet. I hope that by reading this book, you will find value and strength to help with life not being so hard. Perhaps this book can be a life preserver to help you float when you’re a little tired, and you need a rest. Take that rest and then move onto your next challenge and never stop your journey of growth. This is my second book that has been created to share life's experiences and telling of patterns that happen all around us every day. However, for whatever reason, we stop seeing these amazing examples of greatness and the instruction book of how we too can succeed. All of us deserve a life full of feeling and creating a sense of value for each moment and you can have what you truly need in your life. This book will help you unlock the gift that is already inside you waiting to be unlocked by your self-imposed chains of limitations. This book will provide you with the vision to see that gift that is inside of you. Thank you for taking your time to explore this book and I truly hope you have gained some insight that you can apply going forward that is sustainable.

And You Keep Climbing

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